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Vietnamese Bun Recipe For Making “Bun Cha” – The Favorite Food Of Obama On His Trip To Vietnam

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Vietnamese Bun Recipe For Making “Bun Cha” – The Favorite Food Of Obama On His Trip To Vietnam


How to make Bun cha based on the Vietnamese bun recipe? This is the simplest recipe for a delicious dish of Bun cha.

You may have heard about the official trip of Former US President Barack Obama to Vietnam a few years ago with much excitement and success. On that trip, Vietnamese food impressed him the most.

With the assistance from his private chef, the former President had tried out some Vietnamese specialties but the only dish that impressed him most was Bun cha.

How did Bun cha get his interest? Is it difficult to make Bun cha? This article will show you the easiest Vietnamese bun recipe for making the famous Bun cha. Let’s get prepared!

Vietnamese bun – Bun cha


“Bun cha” – Vietnamese bun recipe – Feel with all your senses

The best way to truly feel the unique taste of Vietnamese cuisine is opening all your senses. Sitting down at a street vendor, looking at people walking by, smelling, and hearing the hustle and bustle of life, you will easily taste a whole world of street food right in front.

Bun cha is a specialty of Vietnam which could make you fall in love right at the first try. Starting from the crowded street, you will smell the savory grilled pork with smoke spreading out in a wide area. Then, you hear the meat sizzling and popping with a little bit of flame on the barbecue tray that you can’t stop your mouth from watering.

I bet you will get hungry and desired to taste this delicious food right now, but the above is not the best part. Grab a couple of chopsticks; get a little bit of vermicelli noodle and dip the meat into the sauce. Take a bite with the perfect mix of noodle, grilled pork, and pickles with the sauce.

What you’ll feel is a balance among the sweetness, sourness of the dipping sauce; the fat and savor of grilled pork, with the crunchy pickles. Your tongue can experience the most amazing and satisfying feeling that you can’t have in other dishes.

Vietnamese bun recipe for making Bun cha

Now you can partially imagine how you will feel about Bun cha. The most significant part of this specialty food is the dipping sauce. Without it, Bun cha is just a regular dish with noodles and meat. As a result, you will see it at first on the list. Let’s check!


#1 Dipping sauce

  • Fish sauce: 15 – 20ml
  • Sugar: 25 grams
  • Lime/ lemon juice: 15 – 18ml
  • Water: 175ml (3/4 cup)
  • Additional ingredients: garlic, chili, black pepper.

#2 Grilled Pork

Pork shoulder, pork belly, or bacon: 450 grams (there should be fat parts of the pork to avoid the meat from being dried)

Garlic: 15 grams

Fish sauce

Oyster sauce

#3 Pickles

Green papaya, carrots, kohlrabi: 400 grams

Sugar: 25 grams

Rice vinegar: 15 ml


#4 Noodle

Vermicelli noodle: 2 kilograms

Steps to make Bun cha with Vietnamese bun recipe

Step 1: Prepare and grill the meat

While choosing the pork for the dish, you should consider the belly or shoulder parts as they are quite fatty. If you grill the meat without any fat, it will be dried out when on fire. There are two types of grilled pork in Bun cha: the sliced pork and the minced pork. Both are luscious with the smell of garlic, onions, and other seasonings.

Put all the fresh meat into a big bowl; get the essential ingredients for grilled pork. Use a pair of chopsticks to mix up well and then, keep it about 15 minutes for the seasoning to absorb into the meat.

Now you can start to grill the pork. Prepare some small clean grills to put the meat on, and a grilling tray with charcoal. Charcoal is always preferred as it brings the best smell and taste. Remember to use a small fan to prevent the soot from sticking into the meat.

Flip the grills often to make sure the meat is not over-cooked until it changes into yellow-brown and smells delicious.

Step 2: Make the dipping sauce

For some Vietnamese cuisines, dipping sauce plays an essential role to fulfill the taste of the food. Bun cha is no exception. As mentioned above, the dipping sauce is one of the main parts which make Bun cha special. Its sweetness, sourness, and savor is all well combined in the mix. This Vietnamese bun recipe for Bun cha will ensure its right taste.

Prepare a bowl of warm water, put in sugar and lemon first; stir well until the sugar is dissolved into the water. Because the fish sauce is salty, slowly pour it into a spoon to measure and do not pour this sauce directly from the bottle. Use another spoon to taste the sauce and check if you should add more seasoning.

Garlic should be added at the end after you mince it finely. You will see it floating on the surface to make a bowl of dipping sauce more attractive.

Step 3:  Make pickles

Pickles are the indispensable component to make dipping sauce more luscious and savory. Imagine that you have all the flavors in a bowl of dipping sauce, how could it be that amazing?

Make sure that all of the ingredients for pickles are clean, well-washed, and soaked into the water with refined salt. Slice the green papaya, carrots, and kohlrabi as thin as possible. Then, add sugar to the bowl of the mixture, mix up well before adding a little bit of salt into it.

In conclusion

My mouth is watering while my tummy is growing in hunger when writing down the recipe for you. Bun cha is one of the best specialty foods in Vietnam that you should try once in your life.

Although there are some Vietnamese bun recipes, this is considered the simplest and easiest to perform.

When you taste this dish, you will know immediately the reason why the former President Obama regarded it as his favorite Vietnamese food. If you find it difficult in any steps, please feel free to ask via comment box below. We will reach you as soon as possible.

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