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Top Best Chinese Cookbooks That You Should Read At Least Once In Your Life


Top Best Chinese Cookbooks That You Should Read At Least Once In Your Life


 If you are looking for the best Chinese cookbooks, stop here and discover them in this article. I bet you will love them like me.

People say Chinese food is one of the best cuisines in the world. It’s not only because of the unique smell, taste, and feeling it brings to us, but also the savor and simple recipes.

Nowadays, it’s easy to make Chinese dishes thanks to the Chinese cookbooks recommended by famous chefs or experts. This article suggests the top best Chinese cookbooks that you should read at least once in your life.

Best Chinese cookbooks


Top 8 best Chinese cookbooks

Chinese Cookery | Ken Hom

Ken Ho is a great Chef, who was born in the US and has become famous for introducing Chinese cuisine in his restaurants, cooking shows, and books. He also does the charity and has a specific influence on the society. About books, his topic is mostly about Chinese cuisine as Chinese blood runs through his vein.

Since this is his area of expertise, he wrote with passion, excitement, and desire to bring Chinese cuisine to the top of the world. Chinese Cookery was published in 1984, which was at the same time with his shows on the BBC channel.

This is an excellent classic book that brought Western people closer to the flavors and ingredients of Asian cuisines. Chinese Cookery consists of many simple recipes and instructions for original Chinese food. This book is suitable for homemaking that everyone can cook.

Chinese Cuisine | Su Huei Huang

You may not hear about the Wei-Chuan publication, but they have been releasing famous Chinese cookbooks for 40 years. Among these excellent books showing the traditional foods of Chinese people both in the past and nowadays, Chinese Cuisine is the most classic.

This book helps you with conventional and traditional ways to cook Chinese food at home. However, there is a part of the dishes served in the restaurant, which needs some advanced techniques and recipes.

Are you a beginner who is getting familiar with Chinese cuisine? Are you working in a restaurant as a chef assistant or even a chef manager? Then Chinese Cuisine is suitable for you. There are several levels of cooking from easy to challenging for you to choose and follow.

Chopsticks, Cleaver and Wok | Jennie Low

If you live in San Francisco, you must know a restaurant of a famous chef and author, Jennie Low, who is a Chinese born in the USA. The thing that makes “Chopsticks, Cleaver and Wok” an outstanding book is the detailed instruction, recipes, and methods for both home and professional cooking.

For each step, Low gives her useful advice which can make the dishes better. You can follow the thorough guides quickly and easily from the beginning to the end with the finished product. The ingredients are easy to find and prepare while they are shown in both English and Chinese reading materials.

Chopsticks, Cleaver, and Wok have been one of the successful Chinese cookbooks since it was first published 25 years ago.

Classic Chinese Cookbook | Yan-Kit So

Why is this book a must-have item in your kitchen? Because it’s a classic book since the first release in 1984 with many positive feedback and reviews. Yan-Kit So is also a legend, a great chef in Chinese cuisine. She provides not only attractive, lively photographs, but also friendly content and instruction in her book.

There are both specialty food and regular dishes from numerous regions across China. However, Yan-Kit So still keeps the distinction and features of each dish to make sure every product is the finest and the most unique.

The recipes and images are captured from the actual results, which have gone through many tests of the author before.

Dim Sum: The Delicious Secrets of Home-Cooked Chinese Tea Lunch | Rhoda Yee

This book is specialized in Dim Sum dishes and the Tea Lunch. Different from the teatime in English when people enjoy a cup of jasmine or green tea in the afternoon, the Chinese prefer drinking tea at lunchtime. They also have some food while sipping a little bit of tea.

This is the time for Dim Sum. Dim Sum is served in the steamer baskets with a high column of smoke, delicious taste,  easy and convenient to eat. The book includes more than 60 recipes to make Dim Sum dishes at home. The ingredients may be pork, shrimp, and dumplings

Land of Plenty | Fuchsia Dunlop

You may ask why the author doesn’t have Chinese blood when she writes a Chinese cookbook for people. Can we trust her words? Yes, we can. Though Dunlop is a British woman, she wrote Land of Plenty because of her love and desire with Chinese culture and cuisine.

Fuchsia Dunlop had done serious research and study about the Chinese foods before “Land of Plenty” was published in 2001. This book includes great criticism and reviews by both experts and people. There are exciting stories inspired by real events, which makes this book reliable.

Dunlop was influenced strongly by Sichuanese cuisine and cultures. This explains why the dishes are mostly from this region of China. The recipes are easy for homemaking, while some of them are not familiar to European.

The Modern Art of Chinese Cooking | Barbara Tropp

The cookbook was written by one of the first Chinese author, teacher, and enthusiast. She has been growing the passion and love for Chinese culture from an early age. Her purpose is to bring Chinese cuisine closer to the world.

Barbara Tropp wrote “The Modern Art of Chinese Cooking” while she was living in Taiwan. The book consists of straightforward content suitable for a wide range of people from housewife to chef assistant in a restaurant.

The Wisdom of the Chinese Kitchen | Grace Young

One of the things making this a favorite cookbook is that the author received many awards and compliments from James Beard and Le Cordon Bleu. For your reference, James Beard was a champion of American cuisine who trained generations of professional chefs. Le Cordon Bleu is an international chain of hospitality and culinary schools.

Grace Young wrote a stunning book that provides incredible recipes accompanied by exciting stories, articles, and facts about Chinese tradition.

She also demonstrated the values and opinions of Chinese cultures through the book and brought them close to people. The book uses numerous lively, stylish, and beautiful pictures from the real dishes of regular Chinese meals.

In addition to homemade food, there are recipes for more formal dishes that you can use in some special events. The recipes are also simple to follow while the ingredients are not difficult to prepare.

In conclusion

Above are the top best Chinese cookbooks you should read at least once in your life. If you are studying or simply want to cook Chinese food, these books may help you with a wide range of dishes suitable for homemaking. If you like to share your ideas about some of these books, please let us know in the comment box below. Your thoughts are appreciated!

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