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Top 6 Weird Chinese Dishes Names You Should Know


Top 6 Weird Chinese Dishes Names You Should Know


Apart from the most popular food, China has a lot of strange dishes. Click here to find out the top 6 weird names of food you should know.

As an avid food lover, of course, you want to taste a variety of delicious dishes across countries. However, have you ever thought of discovering the weirdest food?

The cuisine is one of the arts of life, which is diverse, mysterious, and surprising. Sometimes, tasting or getting to know about strange dishes can be a great experience that you have never had before.

If you get familiar with yummy famous Chinese recipes, then today let’s make a change right away.

I would like to take you to a new food journey where you can explore the top 6 strange Chinese food names. Can’t wait?

Let’s go!

#1 Stinky tofu

Stinky tofu

First of all, I will bring to our table a dish which can smell quite unpleasant “Stinky tofu.”

As the name shows you, stinky tofu is fermented tofu in a brine which can vary depending on different regions. You can make this tofu dish with a strong odor from fermented milk, vegetables, and meat.

Sometimes, you also can add more dried shrimps, bamboo sprouts, goat milk, and other Chinese herbs to the brine to make a unique flavor within many months.

If you used to taste blue cheese, you could feel that stinky tofu has the same strong smell. Still, the taste is more powerful and somehow attractive, which is worth your consideration.

Although the name can turn a lot of people off at first, it still can make a strong impression on your taste. Primarily, it goes well with pickled cabbage.

I’ve eaten it before, and I am planning to do it again for sure. Don’t miss a chance to visit a street store and grab some stinky tofu as a snack.

#2 Bird’s nest

Bird’s nest soup

Next, we will visit a restaurant to try one of the most costly delicacy soups in China. It is the bird’s nest soup, which has become a favorite Chinese dish around the world.

To prepare the soup, you need to dissolve the bird’s nests into the water, then use them as broth or ingredients for cooking.

The expensive price results from the dangerous and meticulous retrieval and cleaning processes before cooking. Can you guess how much it is?

Some types of birds’ nests can reach up to $10,000 per kilo.

Don’t be so surprised. It deserves your trial due to high nutritional values for your immune systems, digestion, and mild, potent flavors.

So, if possible, give it a try, it won’t let you down.

#3 Fried Scorpion Stick

Weird fried scorpions

If you usually fall in love with street food, it’s an excellent opportunity for you to know about Chinese fried scorpions stick.

I won’t be stunned if you tell me that they look like plastic toys on food stalls. But, they’re seriously edible.

Many traditional medical recipes for skin or infection treatment have got inspired by scorpions. And right now, they become favorite snacks seasoned with salt or chili salt on the street in China.

Do you dare to eat it? My beloved adventurous friends, it can be a nice try to taste it. Just close your eyes and grab one.

Despite the unpleasant look, these fried scorpions have a crunchy texture. Who knows, you might love it.

#4 Fried honeybees

Various fried honeybees

As fried scorpions, deep-fried honey bees seasoned with salt and pepper are famous bizarre snacks on the streets in China with unique sweetness and crunchy flavors.

You can quickly come across honey bees on the sticks in Shanghai. Meanwhile, coming down to southwestern China, you can visit some restaurants to enjoy them in a big bowl as an appetizer.

If you don’t mind that they are insects which can turn you off, fried honey bees are a great choice to gain a new experience of Chinese cuisine. I haven’t had a chance to try it, but I heard that they’re delicious. Then if you give it a shot, don’t forget to tell me about the textures.

#5 Thousand-year-old eggs

Tasty thousand-year-old eggs

The name “Thousand-year-old eggs” or “Century eggs” sounds quite weird. But, they can make you feel like you’re on the nine clouds with yummy taste.

I have to say that they have become my favorite dish at the first try.

Thousand-year-old eggs are duck or chicken eggs coated in the mixture of quicklime, salt, ashes, and mud, soaked in brine from a few weeks to many months, depending on different techniques.

After that, the egg yolks turn dark green or grey with the creamy consistency and potent flavor while the whites become a dark brown, translucent jelly with a salty taste. They are ready to eat or add into other dishes.

From scratch, you might think they have a slightly strong smell. However, you will love the delightful creamy cheese taste for sure.

Does it sound appealing? Try it alone or with some plain porridge or rice, then you will love it.

#6 Tuna Eyeball

Boiled tuna eyes

Last but not least, our final bizarre food name is cooked tuna eyes.

As you can literally translate from this name, boiled tuna eyes are tuna eyeballs boiled and seasoned with salt, pepper, and some herbs.

It might look a bit weird for you. Still, it tastes delicious like squid while fish fat and severed muscles surround the eyeballs.

How can you enjoy it?

What you should do is to dip it in a mixture of soy sauce and rice vinegar. Then, feel the rich flavors.

Are you adventurous eaters? If yes, you shouldn’t forget to give it a try soon.

Final thoughts

After all, we’ve had a great food adventure to discover top 6 strange Chinese food names, which are popular in the world. Thank you for joining me.

Of course, I haven’t tasted all of them yet. So, if you have any experience with them, don’t hesitate to drop some comments below to tell me your stories.

Also, stay tuned for our upcoming exciting food tours.

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