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Top 50 Must-try Japanese Foods While You Are In Japan (Part 1)

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Top 50 Must-try Japanese Foods While You Are In Japan (Part 1)


Are you interested in discovering Japanese traditions and the timeless ancient and modern vibe?

Japan recalls you of the image of stunning cherry blooming trees, blue ponds, giant waterfalls, magical sky, mysterious bamboo forests or amazing temples and shrines.

But it doesn’t stop here. It will be a mistake if you miss out the most famous cuisine in the world. Japanese food is a highlight of balance and diversity of colors, techniques, and flavors.

Believe me or not. The aesthetics of dishes presented on your table will make you end up finishing all delicious food available and still craving for more.

Are you ready for a Japanese food tour with me now? Get started with exploring the first 5 of 50 must-try dishes in Japan right away.


Japanese sushi

Regarding Japanese food, I can’t help bringing “Sushi” to the table first. The unique creation and satisfying balance can win over your heart.

Sushi is a mixture of white rice seasoned with rice vinegar and other spices, then combine with fresh ingredients such as seafood, seaweed, vegetables, and more.

What you need to do is to pick it with a pair of chopsticks and dip it into soy sauce or wasabi. And taste the mix of harmonious flavors in your mouth.

With the meticulous cooking techniques, you can enjoy various flavors in one piece of sushi from the moisture of rice, the sourness of rice vinegar, tastiness of seafood, saltiness of soy sauce and unique spiciness of wasabi. All flavors combined to create an incredible taste that you can’t ever forget.

So, if you are in Japan, don’t miss a chance to experience sushi tours to learn how to cook and taste this traditional dish. For sure, it won’t let you down.


Delicious sashimi

Are you a fan of seafood? If yes, please try Sashimi, and you’ll fall in love with it. Looking at fresh raw fish with wasabi on the table can make your mouth water with desire.

Like Sushi, Sashimi, which is a dish of raw fish or seafood, comes with traditional spicy condiment “wasabi” and soy sauce. Sometimes, it can go well with slices of radish on the side.

The name of Sashimi literally comes from a Japanese word referring to sliced raw food. For centuries, this traditional dish has become an integral part of the Japanese diet.

Grabbing a piece of sashimi and dipping it in the condiments can make you feel like you are on cloud nine. Primarily, you can feel the freshness, extra fattiness, and moisture of seafood.

With a variety of types of Sashimi, you can feel free to enjoy mild, subtle, sweet, fatty, or creamy flavors. So, it’s time to memorize your trip by tasting some Sashimi now.


Tasty Ramen

Next, leaving from fresh raw seafood restaurants, we come to a noodle store to try out another “national” dish of “the land of the rising sun” –  Ramen.

As one of the most popular food in Japan, Ramen is a “to-go” dish in Japanese daily life with a bowl of wheat noodles accompanied by a soy sauce or miso soup and various kinds of ingredients.

With some slices of pork, green onions, seaweed, and eggs, it still can make you fall in love at first try, especially the soup. It is full of flavours and you can choose from soft to strong taste to enjoy.

The pork is well-cooked to maintain the softness and freshness. Every time you eat a slice of pork, it gives the feeling of melting in your mouth.

So, you can be fulfilled physically and mentally after finishing a steaming bowl of Ramen. Give it a try, and you will want to eat it again.


Yummy Okonomiyaki

Are you interested in traditional unique pancakes? Are you nodding your head? I would say that Okonomiyaki will be our next stop.

If you translate the name of Okonomiyaki to English, it means “As-you-like-it Pancake.” But, don’t think about the standard pancake we often see and try. It is a special savory pancake made of batter and cabbage.

Like other cakes, the ingredients for Okonomiyaki include flour, yam, and eggs. However, on top of these pancakes, you can top up various ingredients from meat, vegetables, and seaweed to wasabi, mochi, and cheese.

Take a bite of Okonomiyaki, and taste the crunchy, creamy, moist and other harmonious flavors in one.

Do you want to know how to make Okonomiyaki and enjoy it right after that? Coming to Japan, you can visit some restaurants which allow you to have a  short “cooking lesson” with the chef. He can make it on a griddle while you can help him add other toppings.


Crunchy Tempura

What’s more, getting out of restaurants, I’ll take you to a street store to check out the famous snack Tempura.

Tempura is a favorite fried snack that comes from seafood and vegetables seasoned with a mix of sweet sake, radish, soy sauce, ginger, and sugar.

Although you have to deep fry to make it crunchy, it doesn’t come with an oily texture.

To create a perfectly crispy cover, you need to use a unique technique to cut ingredients at the temperature of the batter (ice cold) and oil (very hot) for deep-frying.

It will be a massive regret if you don’t give this dish a shot. You can quickly eat it with one bite and feel the crunchiness and other great flavors in your mouth.

Ending Up

Finally, we’ve come to the end of our first Japanese food journey. Thank you for following me.

With the top 5 mouth-watering dishes that you must try in Japan, I hope that you can enrich your to-do-list in travel planning. Believe me. You will regret it if you don’t try them all.

Don’t forget to share with me your experience and favorite dishes in Japan at the comments below.

And stay tuned for my next five dishes in the series of 50 Japanese foods. I’ll come back soon with more delicious dishes!

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