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Thailand famous food: Things You Need Much Courage To Try

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Thailand famous food: Things You Need Much Courage To Try


You have visited Malaysia and tried chicken satay. Now let’s enjoy the Thailand famous food that not everyone is brave enough to try and you will be surprised by the uniqueness of these dishes.

Special dishes in Thailand [Source: https://static1.bestie.vn/Mlog/ImageContent/201806/nhung-mon-an-sieu-kinh-di-khong-phai-ai-cung-dam-thu-chi-co-o-thai-lan-c3ddb9.jpg]

Thai hot pot, Tom Yum, Pad Thai, mango sticky rice, coconut cream, and so on. Has any of these dishes sounded familiar to you?

Widely known as one of the culinary paradises of Southeast Asia, Thailand attracts visitors by its diverse and unique culinary culture. In addition to delicious specialties, which are a combination of spices, herbs, and fresh food, Thailand also has bizarre dishes that not everyone dares to taste. If typical “Thailand famous food” has not surprised you, why don’t you try the recipe that is outstanding for its awkwardness and challenges even the most courageous people?

Dishes made from insects

Insects are one of the essential ingredients of Thailand cuisine. Any culinary market in the land of Golden Temple has a “presence” of dishes made from insects. From insects to cockroaches, scorpions, all can become diverse dishes with a variety of ways to cook, such as fry, grill, and so on.

Fried bamboo worms in Thailand [Source: https://static1.bestie.vn/Mlog/ImageContent/201806/an-f22a26.jpg]

Because people in Thailand believe that insects contain a lot of nutrients, therefore, they consider them as an integral part of their daily meals, even in luxury restaurants. However, if not carefully processed, harmful bacteria and parasites in insects will easily penetrate and “rage” in the human body, causing dangerous diseases.

There are not so many people who dare to touch the insects when they are alive. Therefore, no matter how carefully these particular ingredients are processed, just a few people are brave enough to enjoy them.

Though, the dishes made from insects in Thailand attract a lot of attention from foreign customers thanks to its uniqueness. And one of the best fares to demonstrate the uniqueness of Thai cuisine is Bamboo worms. Just like the name of it, the main ingredient is the worms that are nesting in the bamboo tube.

These worms are fried until their color turns golden brown. Although it is considered a “premium” dish, clean and hygienic, if the customers have the chances to see them alive, there may be no one dare to try this specialty.

Larb Leuat Neua

Not only Japan but also Thailand is very famous for fresh food. However, the popularity of these dishes derives from the appearance as well as their different flavors. The first dish that makes diners panic is raw beef – Larb Leuat Neua.

Larb Leuat Neua [Source: https://i-ngoisao.vnecdn.net/2015/02/04/thit-song-Thai-Lan-5819-1423045929.jpg]

If judging from the presentation, this fresh beef dish does not look very scary, but once you know the ingredients as well as their processing, many people won’t dare to try it.

Larb Leuat Neua is made of raw beef. The beef is only sliced and mixed with fragrant basil and sprinkled with fresh beef’s blood. Thanks to that, the dish always keeps the sweet and refreshing taste of beef much longer.

Goong Ten

Thailand also has a lot of raw dishes that may surprise visitors such as Goong Ten and papaya salad mixed with uncooked seafood. Both of them are made from fresh and nutritious seafood like shrimp and crab.

Goong Ten [Source: https://photo-3-baomoi.zadn.vn/w700_r1/2018_09_27_180_27907661/c593284e1d0ff451ad1e.jpg]

The raw seafood is well-seasoned with many spices such as chili, garlic in a very meticulous and beautiful way. But no matter how attractive they seem to be, there are not many tourists who dare to enjoy it. Because just thinking about these types of seafood that are still alive and “dancing” in the mouth when eating is enough for them to give up right away.

Larb Mote Daeng

I guarantee this Thailand famous food will make you want to run away when you know its ingredient.

Larb Mote Daeng [Source: https://www.justopenedlondon.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/lao-cafe2.jpg]

Larb Mote Daeng uses fire ants and their eggs as the main ingredients. Although they have been minced and marinated with spices, the feeling of having hundreds of thousands of ants in the mouth makes many people feel scared.

But even so, for Thai people, this is still an extremely precious dish thanks to the bitterness and crunchy texture of the ants, which create an exciting taste that is hard to describe.

Bat meat

Seeing bats fluttering all over your heads or spreading long rows on dark tunnels must have made you feel dreadful right? But in Thailand, bats are considered a specialty dish and very popular with local people.

Stewed bat herbs [Source: https://vietnamembassy-thailand.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/mon-an-thai-lan-noi-tieng-2.jpg]

Because bat meat is very nutritious, it is considered a tonic in Thailand. Therefore, Thai people have a variety of unique dishes made from bat meat. Although the dishes have attractive flavor and can even be used to treat specific diseases, the bat has a scary shape, so many people do not dare to taste it.

Would you like to taste this terrifyingly famous Thai food? If you want to, you should try to imagine the bat as a small chicken and then enjoy the nutritious flavor of it.

Ice cream with soy sauce

It seems Thai people never run out of their imagination and creativity, and this dish is an example. Soy sauce and ice cream in this dish are directly mixed without any other cooking processes. Before being served to the customers, the shopkeeper will sprinkle a layer of soy sauce on the ice cream cups, making them extremely eye-catching. However, no matter how beautiful it is, no one can afford to imagine what their taste might be.

Do these Thailand famous food make you excited? So, if you have already planned a trip to Thailand, why do you still hesitate to try these dishes? Be brave and you will be surprised by its distinctive flavor that you cannot find anywhere else.

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